Please read below for a comprehensive explanation of my services for those who live interstate or overseas.

After the initial contact either by phone or email:

  • Completion of my Booking Details form that may be emailed back to me.

  • Completion of the first legal document, the ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ form that will be emailed to you (this is to be emailed and then posted to me, as I must receive the original).Your signatures must be witnessed by a Commissioner of Declarations.

  • Copies of Proof of Identity certificates (photo or scanned)– passports OR birth /change of name/ Drivers Licence. Divorce /death (if relevant and available at this time) to be sent to me. (I must sight all original certificates and or passports prior to the ceremony.)

  • $100 booking fee included in the total fee to secure the booking.

  • Preliminary discussions about the planning of your ceremony.

After securing your booking:

  • Emailing of some sample ceremonies/poems/readings to you. Please feel free to cut, paste and edit so we can liaise to create your own unique ceremony.

  • There will be ongoing email/phone contact.

  • If you make a visit to Hobart for wedding preparations during the lead up time to your wedding, we can make a time to meet to discuss your plans in person.

Prior to the Marriage ceremony:

  • Finalisation of your ceremony.

  • Final Payment of Account

  • Make arrangements for the final meeting.

  • Completion of the ‘Declaration of Marriage’ form.

  • Rehearsal of the ceremony.

  • Preparation of the final legal documents to be signed during your ceremony.

The day of your Marriage ceremony:

  • I will arrive at least 20 minutes before the ceremony to meet with the groom and his attendants.

  • Organise the proceedings re: the arrival of the bride with the MC.

  • Prepare the location.

  • Deliver your unique ceremony that will be heard and seen by all your guests.

  • Attend to the signing of the final legal documents.

After your Marriage ceremony:

  • Lodge the following legal documents with the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages:

– Notice of Intended Marriage form
– Marriage Certificate/Declaration of Marriage form

  • Send you an application form for your legal Marriage Certificate.

Please don’t hesitate to email or call me on 0407955421 if you have any further questions/queries or would like to discuss your plans or book my services.

I look forward to hearing from you.