Your wedding is the opportunity to show your expression of love, joy, unity and family strength. Your ceremony should reflect your wishes and feelings and your own unique relationship with your partner and I can assist you to achieve this. You will be provided with an extensive portfolio including samples of ceremonies and poems from which to create your personal ceremony. I will guide you through your day and assist you to create a ceremony that reflects your special relationship, values, feelings, beliefs and personality. In addition, I will provide you with the required legal documents and attend to the legal requirements of your marriage.


Planning a wonderful and fitting funeral or memorial service for a loved one can be daunting for family and friends who are dealing with their own grief. I will meet with bereaved families and friends and provide guidance and support for them. I will craft and deliver a personalised funeral or memorial service that is dignified and respectful and honours the life of the deceased person. I will liaise with the Funeral Director to ensure a quality service is delivered and is one that incorporates the wishes of the family.

Some Funeral Directors provide the services of a celebrant as part of their overall service, however the choice of funeral celebrant is the preserve of the family.

I can be contacted through your Funeral Director or by you directly on 0407955421.


Celebration of a special wedding anniversary recaptures the excitement and emotion of your wedding day. I will confer with you to tailor your ceremony so that it can be shared with family and friends.


Parenthood is a positive life changing experience. This ceremony is an opportunity to officially welcome your child into your family with an event that reflects your joy, hopes and dreams for the life of your special child, and introduce them to mentors.


This ceremony is for those who cannot legally, or do not wish to marry. When there is a bond of love between two people this is a perfect way to make a public declaration of a lifelong commitment, love and dedication to each other. I will assist you to create a friendly and relaxed service appropriate to your special occasion.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further explanation, have any further questions, wish to book my services, or would like to arrange for an obligation free meeting/phone call to chat about your plans.

I look forward to hearing from you.