Thank you for your enquiry.

Congratulations for your upcoming Renewal of Vows.
The onset ofthe renewal of Vows is a very exciting and wonderful time. You have the unique opportunity to work with your celebrant to create the type of occasion that suits you – to design a ceremony that reflects your own unique life stories and hopes and dreams for the future.

As a  celebrant I willingly provide a service to both guide and assist you in these areas to meet your needs and wishes in:

  • Planning and arrangements required
  • Conducting the ceremony

Clearly renewal of your vows is a joyous and significant step in your lives.

In order to be best prepared for your Renewal Day, the following outline of my role as a celebrant will help you to understand what is entailed and also how to work through the preparatory stages.

My Role as a Celebrant

As you have so much to do in organising your dayI will make the job easier for you by taking care of the following:

  • Face to face meetings.
  • Email and phone contact.
  • Provision of information and guidance on eg. venues, photographers and logistic concerns.
  • Provision of sample ceremonies/poems/readings to use as a guide in preparation of your own unique ceremony.
  • Preparation of the ceremony in accordance with your wishes and needs.
  • A rehearsal of your ceremony.
  • Facilitation of the ceremony.

At the first meeting:

  • Completion of my Booking Details form.
  • Preliminary discussions about the planning of your ceremony.
  • Explanation of the statement of fees/invoice.

After the first meeting:

  • The emailing of sample ceremonies.
  • The emailing of sample poems and readings.
  • Continual email/phone contact.
  • Liaison re the writing and editing of your ceremony.

Prior to the  ceremony:

  • Finalisation of your ceremony.
  • Make arrangements for the final meeting.
  • Rehearsal of the ceremony.
  • Preparation of the certificate to be signed during your ceremony.

The day of  the Renewal of  your Vows:

  • I will arrive around  20 minutes prior to  the ceremony.
  • Organise the proceedings with the MC.
  • Prepare the location.
  • Deliver your unique ceremony which will be heard and seen by all your guests.
  • Attend to the signing of the Renewal Certificate.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any further explanation, have any further questions, wish to book my services or would like to arrange for an obligation free meeting to chat about your plans.

I look forward to hearing from you at this very exciting time in your lives.